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Ed Huppelschoten at Vixx Mortgages is your personal mortgage advisor in the Amersfoort/Zeist area. Have you got a question regarding your mortgage? Get in touch or continue reading.

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Ed Huppelschoten, mortgage advisor at Vixx Hypotheken Amersfoort/Zeist, is available for all your mortgage related questions. By comparing 35+ financial providers, we choose the deal that suits you best.


From entrepeneurs and their complicated files, to first time buyers looking for a new home, Ed takes care of it.


The first calculation is always free of charge and non-binding.

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Getting a mortgage is not that easy when you are self-employed or work as a temporary worker. The banks are a bit more reluctant as you do not have a permanent contract. They need to understand your situation. Vixx takes them by the hand and explains the situation to them, enabling you to buy your dream home.

The costs depend on your personal situation. The charges include a consultancy fee and possibly a fine for settlement of the fixed-interest rate period. It is possible to include this fine when financing your new mortgage. It is difficult to establish the exact costs without closely looking at your personal circumstances, please get in touch and we will provide you with an estimate free of charge.

Do you have enough money to help your son or daughter to purchase his/her first home? Wonderful! This could be done as a gift. In most cases, a one-off gift of €102,010.- is allowed. Do you not have this amount of money? Not a problem. A smaller amount is also possible. You can always give an annual tax free gift of €5428.- to your child. Or you can lend your child some money. Don't worry. Vixx can help you out and will take care of it.

Since 2018, you are allowed to borrow 100% of the value of your house. This does not include the purchasing costs payable by the purchaser. Do you need to pay these yourself? You might prefer not to do this, as it can be handy to have some money available for decorating or renovating the house. Curious to find out where you stand? Just ask Vixx.

You hear it quite often, just buy an apartment and rent it out. It's a quick and easy way to make money. However, this is not as easy as buying a house for yourself to live in. There are different rules and regulations in place. You need to bring in a large sum of your own money and the bank will only supply a mortgage covering 70% of the rented value. Want to know more? Just make an appointment and we will make sure your affairs are taken care of.

Yes you can. If you earn enough money, you can use capital gain for a renovation. There are quite a few options. Get in touch and we will look into the different options with you.

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Johan Hazelzet

Ed is very involved and professional. He will go out of his way to get you the best mortgage...
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Johan Hazelzet

Ed is very involved and professional. He will go out of his way to get you the best mortgage deal. He thinks along with you and makes sure you don’t borrow too much money which could lead to potential financial problems later on. Ed is also very sociable and pleasant to deal with.


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