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Sometimes you need a bit more financial flexibility to make your dreams come true. For example, to start your own business, which is a big step. Find out how Karen reduced her monthly charges by 50% and started her own business, with the assistance of Vixx and by making the most of current favourable market conditions.


Karen is 44 years old and lives in Weesp with her two daughters. She moved here more than ten years ago and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. She is passionate about translating and editing texts and has been working as an independent translator and editor under her own name: Veldhuis Vertaalt! Read more on how Karen made this financially possible.

Starting your own business,
a big step

Karen and her two daughters, aged 11 and 13, live in Weesp. She used to work for an employer but had been playing with the idea of becoming self-employed for quite some time. Extra financial freedom was one of her priorities. Before coming to Vixx, Karen wasn’t familiair with the different mortgage options. “I am better at working with languages than with numbers!”, she says with a smile.

The challenge
financial situation a hindrance 

Starting your own business is a big step. Unfortunately, financial issues can be an issue and create a feeling of insecurity. Especially when you are the main provider at home and have to raise two teenagers. It was important for Karen and her kids not having to move home. Based on her initial financial construction, it would have been difficult for Karen to fulfill her dream of starting her own business. Something had to change, as money should help you make your dreams come true and not be a hindrance. Karen wanted to focus on her own business and create financial peace of mind and flexibility.

Advice from Vixx
make use of favourable market conditions

To make her dream of running her own business come through, Karen and Vixx looked into her financial affairs. The housing market is going through the roof. A lot of people, including Karen, have capital gain on their property. In addition, the interest rates are very low at present. We used this to our advantage! By transferring her mortgage and opting for an interest free part, Karen reduced her monthly charges by 50%!

Vixx Verzekeringen looked into her personal and business insurances, identifying all risks and covering all areas. This brings a lot of peace of mind, focus and security.

The solution
lower monthly charges, more freedom

In doing so, Vixx made sure Karen has sufficient financial flexibility to make her dream come true! She does not have to move home and can focus on running her own business. Veldhuis Vertaalt! was established almost a year ago and has proven to be very successful!

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As you have read, there are a lot of options when using current favourable market conditons to your advantage. It is sensible to get in touch with an experienced consultant to look at your personal situation to decide what your best options are. Vixx knows exactly what the different possibilities are and can therefore find the best solution for the challenge(s) you are facing. We are happy to help!


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