How does a mortgage application work?
Vixx Mortgage Journey

You go through a certain process when applying for a new mortgage. At Vixx, we call this the Vixx Mortgage Journey. On this page we will explain how this journey unfolds, so you know exactly where you stand.

Mortgage consultation

First, we will schedule a meeting with one of our Vixx mortgage advisors. This mortgage consultation can take place at your home, online, by phone or at one of our branches. During this meeting, the mortgage advisor will look into your personal situation.

We will discuss your preferences and will take a look at your income. We will then research which mortgage solution suits you best. We don’t just pick any mortgage from the shelf, but compare more than 35 banks until we find the best deal for you.

The mortgage indication

At the end of our mortgage consultation, we will have a clear understanding of your personal situation. Often we will be able to give you an indication of the size of your new mortgage and the interest rate you will pay.

Obviously, all legal implications and tax rules and regulations will be taken into account, to ensure you get the most suitable mortgage. If your application is a bit more complicated, you will receive the mortgage indication a few days after our consultation.

Application interest proposal at the bank

After we have decided which mortgage suits you best and you are happy with the indication we have given you, we will submit an interest proposal at the bank. The interest proposal is a formal offer and is also called a mortgage proposal.

Signing interest proposal

Once you are satisfied with the offer received from the bank, it is time to sign the documentation. The bank is now obliged to apply this particular interest rate. It is up to us to collect all the required documents with your help, in order to complete your mortgage application as soon as possible.

Submitting documentation and completion of file

We want to get the banks approval as soon as possible. It is therefore important to submit all your paperwork, enabling them to assess your application. We will obviously help you with this!

You will get access to an online portal, showing you all the documents you need to submit. For example, a recent pay slip, purchase agreement from your new home or a taxation of your current home.

All documents can be easily uploaded in your Vixx Digimap or via the Vixx app. We have created various downloads to make it easier to submit all documents correctly.

Assessment mortgage file

Once your file is complete, the bank will assess your application. How long this takes, depends on the bank. For example, they will check if your income is suitable for the mortgage you applied for. We understand this can be quite stressful but rest assured, your Vixx mortgage advisor has already calculated if the application is realistic.

Signing mortgage proposal

Once the bank has assessed and approved your mortgage application, we will send you the final mortgage proposal. This is a binding offer. You will return the signed document to us, your mortgage is almost finalised.

Mortgage proposal approved!

If all goes according to plan, the bank will inform us that your mortgage application has been approved. This means your new mortgage is finalised! The bank will send the documents to the notary, where the mortgage deed will be executed and the mortgage will be registered.

Execution mortgage deed

It is time to execute the mortgage deed at the notary. This means the mortgage deed will be drafted and your house will be registered as collateral. After execution of the mortgage deed, it will be added to the register of mortgages in the Cadastral Agency.

Looking at the future: financial planning

After your new mortgage has been completed and we have all your details on file, we would like to take the oppportunity to look ahead. Our financial planners answer questions on the financial future of our customers on a daily basis. Because knowing what your options are in the future, will give you peace of mind and helps you enjoy the things that really matter. It is therefore important to make sure your financial affairs are in order. At the end of your mortgage journey, a Vixx financial planner will get in touch to check if and how we can help you with this.



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