Finances and possessions after a divorce
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You have decided to get a divorce. A divorce is very emotional and you need to take care of a lot of things. Besides dealing with the emotional aspects of a broken relationship, you also need to make important decisions about your future. For example, how to divide your assets, possible alimony or maintenance and other financial issues.

Financial advice when getting divorced

A divorce can become nasty if you have different opinions on financial affairs. That makes sense. Because you both want to start a new life after the divorce, without any financial issues. We fully understand this at Vixx, and we will ensure all financial affairs are taken care of after the divorce. We provide insight, as soon as possible, on your monthly budget with regards to bills, groceries, sports club and other things which make life enjoyable. This does not only have a positive impact yourself, but also on any children you might have.

Financial implications of a divorce

How to divide your finances and possessions depends on how your partnership is registered: do you have a civil partnership, a cohabitation agreement, are you married in community of goods or do you have a prenuptial agreement?

A lot will change when getting divorced. For example, possessions such as properties, furniture, savings, assets, pensions and businesses might be divided.

Fiscal partner during and/or after a divorce

You were probably fiscal partners when you were still together. This will no longer be the case after the divorce. However, it is highly unlikely the divorce process is finalised on the 31st of December. The date your divorce is finalised has implications for your tax return. And you don’t want to get any nasty surprises.

Partner alimony and child maintenance?

Even after the divorce, you are obliged to look after each other like when you were married or had a civil partnership. This is called a maintenance obligation. This usually takes place in the shape of a financial contribution towards living expenses; partner alimony. There is no obligation to pay partner alimony if you were living together, unless stated differently in your cohabiation agreement.

The amount of alimony depends on your personal situation. An expert can tell you more about this.

Getting divorced and being self-employed

Is one of you self-employed? The value of the business might be divided between both parties. This depends on any agreements made when you got married or moved in together.


There are many aspects to take into account when deciding on the value and division of the business. We recommend getting a divorce coach involved in a timely manner, especially in case of any disagreement between both parties, to prevent increasing charges and to ensure everything is handled properly.

Financially impossible to get divorced

You want to get divorced but have been looking after the children fulltime for the past years or have just lost your job, and you are not sure of getting divorced is financially possible. However, there are often more financial possibilities than you might think. Getting a divorce coach involved for advice is a sensible move.

Know where you stand and get a Vixx divorce coach involved

We understand it’s all a bit overwhelming. There is so much information to deal with, and you are also in the middle of processing the emotional impact of a divorce. Another reason getting Vixx involved feels right.


A divorce coach will guide you through the entire divorce process. But a Vixx divorce coach does not operate individually. We employ different experts, who can help you handling all your (financial) affairs properly during the divorce. For example insurances, your mortgage or pension. These aspects are all connected. By taken care of all of this in one go, you won’t be send from pillar to post, your divorce will be finalised quicker and you increase the chances of splitting up amicably.

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We understand you have lots of questions when going through a divorce. Have you got any questions on your financial situation or any other divorce related issues? We are happy to help you by answering all your questions.

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The best support when going through a divorce

Vixx supports you in all emotional, legal and financial issues during and after the divorce.


At Vixx, we feel the importance of splitting up as amicable as possible, as you both want to move on after your divorce and feel confident about your financial future.


We therefore appoint an impartial mediator at Vixx Divorce Coaching, who will accompany you during the entire process. Besides mediation, Vixx also helps you organising all your financial and legal affairs.

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