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You are getting divorced and there is a lot to deal with. Getting a mediator involved is the best solution if you are looking for an amicable divorce. At Vixx Divorce Coaching, we offer more than just mediation.


Besides mediation, we also offer meetings with other experts, for example a mortgage advisor, financial planner and pension advisor.


how does Vixx Divorce Coaching work?

During this process, together with an experienced mediator,
you and your (ex-)partner will go through all the steps required to go through a divorce amicably.

1. Meeting the mediator

Our divorce coaching process starts with a non-binding meeting, this meeting is free of charge and you are both required to be there. We will get the chance to get to know each other and we provide you with all information necessary on the process and working methods involved. There is plenty of opportunity to raise any questions. Before this meeting, you will receive our divorce coaching services agreement. At the end of the meeting, you will decide whether you both want to continue and if so, we start immediately after the agreement has been signed or we schedule an appointment for the next meeting.

2. Inventory

Your mediator will start with analysing your situation. We will check which agreements have been made in your prenuptials, registered partnership and/or cohabitation agreement. We will discuss the background of your divorce and will look at all your wishes and ideas for the future when it comes to finances, children and the property you own. We will discuss all options available.

3. Money and possessions

During this step, we take stock of your financial situation. What do you want to do with the house you share and what will your future living situation look like? We will also look at your assets and liabilities and how these should be divided. We discuss possible child and/or partner alimony and pensions. One of the advantages of doing business with Vixx is that we can immediately get other independent experts involved when talking about the financial aspects, for example a mortgage advisor, financial planner or pension advisor.

4. Parenting plan

Have you got children together? If so, you will need a parenting plan. You are splitting up as partners but will always be connected as you have children together. We are laying down a clear foundation with regards to looking after the children, for now and in the future. We discuss the way you will communicate, visitation agreement and how you want to raise the children.


During this part of the process, the mediator will also meet with the children. It is called a ‘parenting plan’, but is actually a plan about the children and is written for their benefit. It is therefore important that they have a say as well.

5. Legal aspect

During this phase, we discuss all agreements made in the settlement agreement and, if applicable, the parenting plan. We take legal and fiscal rules and regulations into account. We will make sure there won’t be any unexpected (and possibly unpleasant) surprises.


We will also take care of the court proceedings in case you are married, have a registered partnership and/or if the children are younger than 18 years old.

6. Finalising the divorce

Once we have received official confirmation from the courts, we will schedule a final appointment. However, we will obviously be available in the future in case you need any (fiancial) help.


The starting points of Vixx Divorce Coaching

  • Participation is voluntary;
  • You are both willing to work things out;
  • The mediation process is carried out by an impartial and independent mediator;
  • Everything discussed during the mediation process is confidential, this is also applicable to the professionals involved;
  • The importance of a good relationship when the mediation process is completed.

Advantages of Vixx Divorce Coaching

Emotions and feelings, such as anger, sadness, fear and disappointment, often occur during the divorce process, while at the same time a lot needs to be dealt with and has to be organised. The Vixx divorce coach creates a safe environment, giving you the chance to feel free to talk things over. Improving the way you communicate will not only be helpful during this process but also afterwards. An open manner of communication creates a higher level of understanding, now and in the future.

A customised approach is proosible when there is room for creative solutions. When looking at the future living situation, our Vixx mortgage advisors look for the best solution for both of you.

Divorce coaching is more efficient than working with two different lawyers. You split the costs, which will also be a lot lower. In most cases, divorce proceedings take less time. But most importantly, you agree together on how to organise your divorce and which agreements will be put in place, instead of a judge making a decision.

Together you will come to a solution. There are no winners or losers as you will both be supportive of the outcome. This means that you sometimes need to give a little, and at other times can take a little. Agreements you made together are more likely to be honoured after a divorce.

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