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We hereby inform you that, due to the current developments on Covid-19, the general meeting will be postponed until the fall. This decision is a case of force majeur, a duty of care towards our members and based on advice from the RIVM.

Also, there is a chance we will not meet the quorom if members decide to stay at home in case the meeting is held in the spring.

The Manager is obliged to carry out a proper execution of the tasks assigned to him, including to do or refrain from doing whichever can be asked from a competent and careful Manager under the current circumstances. He acts in accordance with the law, the management agreement and the decisions made by the Owners Association. In the context of Covid-19, we act in accordance with the guidelines from the RIVM and in the benefit of everyone’s health.

You will receive the annual accounts shortly, ensuring the owners can be informed of the financial situation. These will aso be added to Mijn Vixx VvE Beheer.

Please inform us in case of any issues which cannot wait until the fall.

We will obviously inform you in a timely manner with regards to rescheduling the general meeting.

Please contact Vixx VvE Beheer if there are any questions/ambiguities.

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