Your own business on a solid foundation?
vixx takes care of it.

As a franchisee Divorce Coaching & Mediation at Vixx, you enjoy the benefits of being an independent consultant while leaning on the strong foundation of a solid organisation. You have the freedom to run your own business and can always count on Vixx’ back office and business expertise.

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Take the next step as a divorce coach at Vixx Franchise

You have been working (on your own) as a divorce coach for some time and are thinking of taking that next step. Your own customers, the freedom of being an entrepeneur and providing coaching the way you see best. Sounds great, but where to begin? 

As a Divorce Coaching & Mediation franchisee at Vixx, you get all the support you need to make your business a success. Giving you the chance to enjoy the freedom of working on your own while leaning on a strong foundation. 

Vixx Franchise Divorce Coaching & Mediation


Being your own boss
work how, where and when you want

As franchisee at Vixx, you are your own boss. You enjoy all the benefits of being independent. This means you decide how, where and when you work. Your private company or sole proprietorship closes a franchise contract with Vixx and you operate under our brand.

  • Your own company
  • Determine your own rates
  • Your own registration at the MFN-/RFEA-register
  • Determine your own working hours
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A solid foundation
Vixx takes care of it

Vixx has been working in business and financial services for more than 20 years, and can count experienced divorce coaches to our team. We therefore have a clear understanding of our clients and the market.

Thanks to our background and your Vixx network, you can reassure your customers before, during and after the divorce process about their (financial) affairs. And you can focus on providing the best coaching and support needed. You will also get leads from our network and we help you conquer your local market by using smart marketing tools.

Being a franchise organisation, we work together with important market players in divorce coaching. Our processes are fully optimised and we have the right systems and support to make you excel.

  • Proven formula
  • More than 2800+ files per annum
  • Experienced back-office
  • Strong brand and online marketing
  • Experienced mediators
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All (financial) affairs taken care of

At Vixx, we believe you can only focus on what really matters when all your (financial) affairs are in order. That’s why we help our customers with more than just divorce coaching. We offer advice on mortgages, insurances, pensions and other (business) services.

Thanks to our innovative formula, you can offer more services than just divorce coaching. For example, you will be able to inform your customers quickly which options there are regarding their property and pension(s).

Your customers will appreciate being informed quickly and our one-stop-shop principle. As divorce coach at Vixx, you will be able to turn every customer in a comprehensive customer and you can (continuously) profit from income from other service areas.

  • Offer your customer an overall package
  • Better service
  • More income
  • Including business offers
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Questions about Vixx Franchise

Our franchise fee is based on different factors.
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As you are part of the Vixx formula, we will take care of your marketing. This means we have set structures in place to generate business and to continuously implement our brand. On a local level, you have the freedom to carry out your own activities, using our support if and when required.

As franchisee, you are responsible for your own business. You can service your clients on your own, or you can build a team. It is also possible, as a successful franchisee, to recruit franchisee who will work for you in their capacity as franchisees.

Vixx takes care of it

personal and independent consultant so no packages, deals or contracts with suppliers

Vixx is an independent intermediary. People get us involved when they need advice in order to make the right decision. We are there for the customer, not for the bank. We don’t have contracts with certain suppliers but search the market for the best offer for every situation.

  • 30+ financiers
  • personal consultant
  • the best advice for your situation
  • you achieve more with a consultant from Vixx

all your affairs taken care of

Vixx takes care of all your affairs. We therefore have all the knowledge in house needed to offer a wide scale of advice. Whether it’s a question regarding your business affairs or personal life, we can help you.

An experienced consultant is more useful than doing some shopping online yourself. You do your thing. We do ours. And because we know exactly what the possibilities are, we are often able to achieve more.

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Willem 1 year at Vixx

My customer needs more than just a mortgage. I am there for people during the entire process when,...
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Hannah 9 years at Vixx

I have been working as a consultant for quite a few years and have a large network. Thanks to my...
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Murat 3 years at Vixx

As a Vixx franchisee, I have all the freedom I need. I decide how, where and when I work – and I...
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Willem 1 year at Vixx

My customer needs more than just a mortgage. I am there for people during the entire process when, for example, they are purchasing a house.

As Vixx handles everything for my customers, I can focus on providing them with the best service available. From mortgage to insurances and all other related issues. The experienced back office ensures I don’t have to worry about all the files and contact with the financial provider. This enables me to fully focus on the customer.


Hannah 9 years at Vixx

I have been working as a consultant for quite a few years and have a large network. Thanks to my extensive experience, it does not take me long to provide them with my advice on the best solution. Vixx’ support helps me to focus on my business relations, enabling me to provide an even better service.

The internal lead remuneration system gives me the opportunity to refer the customers I don’t have to time for, to my colleagues and at the same time benefit from this part of the business.


Murat 3 years at Vixx

As a Vixx franchisee, I have all the freedom I need. I decide how, where and when I work – and I love it! Vixx Franchise helped me take my first steps as an independent consultant. Not only is the support offered from our back office very pleasant, but my colleagues are always available if I have any questions.

This helps me give my customers the best advice available. Also, as a Vixxer you are part of a club of people who are committed and want to help each other whenever possible.


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