When sitting down together
is not an option (yet)

You have decided to break up and would prefer to get a mediator involved. You don’t want a judge to decide how your divorce is finalised, but both want to be involved in this process.

Patricia Boer Vixx

Grief, anger or other personal circumstances are making it impossible for you to sit down together with a mediator at the moment. The whole situation is still too rough around the edges. But you want to prevent this from turning into a lengthy process or end up in nasty divorce proceedings.

Shuttle mediation can be a temporary solution prior to joint mediation, if continuous irritation and emotional outburst are in the way of sitting down for a meeting.

During shuttle mediation, the mediator commences with holding separate meetings with both of you individually. During these meetings, interests, intentions, wishes and individual aspects can be discussed freely.

It is an intense process whereby the mediator ‘translates’ between you two and discusses how you both envisage the future ahead of you.

The mediator’s impartiality and objectivity are obviously of great importance.

If you would like to find out if shuttle mediation could be a solution for the situation you are in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am more than happy to explain in more detail what it is all about during a non-binding meeting.

Patricia Boer
Divorce Coach and Mediator
Vixx Groene Hart

Patricia is an MfN and ADR certified mediator, she knows how to keep calm and how to move forward using a clear schedule.

Can I help you in any way? Please get in touch for some non-binding information or to schedule an appointment.

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