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You don’t always have to live economically to save money. Check out our tips to save money, without becoming frugal.

Having all your financial affairs in order enables you to enjoy the things that trully matter to you. Vixx can help you with your mortgage and insurances, but it also helps getting your everyday spending under control. Which isn’t that hard. It is all about being aware of how you handle money.

Step 1: insight 🧐

If you want to save money, you need to be aware of your spending habits. First of all, create insight in your financial affairs. How much income do you have? What are your expenditures? For example, rent/mortgage, utilities and groceries. Put them all in a spreadsheet or in an online budget planner.

Step 2: make a plan πŸ“ˆ

If you are aware of your income and expenditures, you can budget the money that is left. Decide how much you want to spend on your weekly groceries and create a budget for clothing and presents.

Anything left? You can use this to put this in your savings account, make an investment or make an extra payment on your mortgage.

Step 3: prevent impulse purchases 😱

Companies like to tempt you into making purchases. Supermarkets are really good in this. How often did you buy something which you didn’t intend to purchase?

Make a shopping list if you want to prevent this from happening, and stick to it. Not only your wallet, but your waist line will benefit from this as well πŸ˜‰

Step 4: get rich (or less poor) while sleeping 😴

There are also plenty of sales and discounts online. And these special offers might seem even more tempting when most bars and restaurants are closed.

Do you see something you think you really need? Postpone your purchase and sleep on it.

Nine out of ten times you will decide you won’t be needing it after all the next day!

Step 5: save on utilities or invest in sustainability ⚑️

Is your energy supplier still right for you? A lot of people can save on their utilities bill by switching to a different supplier.

Another option to save on energy costs is by improving the sustainability of your house. In most cases, this does require an investment. Luckily, it is possible to pay for sustainable options via your mortgage. For example, solar panels can give a 8-12% gross profit. If you pay these from your mortgage at 1.5%, you have realised a nice net profit. Vixx can help you with this.


Step 6: know what you are doing it for – specific savings goals 🎯

If you want to save properly, it helps making your savings goal as specific as possible. Therefore, don’t say: ‘I am going to sart saving money so I can go on a long trip in a few years’, but ‘I will put aside €200 every month, enabling me to save €7,200 in three years and pay for that trip’.

It makes it easier to save money and more feasible to reach your goals. Making you happier.

Step 7: make money pots βš–οΈ

Many banks give you the option of creating ‘money pots’ on your savings account. This enables you to divide your savings over different goals. For example, clothing, maintenance of your house, your childrens education or a buffer for any unexpected set backs.

This might be useful, as your savings won’t be one big lump sum. It prevents you from thinking that you are richer than you actually are.

Step 8: check regularlyβœ…

At least once a month, check if you are sticking to your budget(s). Is this not the case? Find out if this is a one off or a reoccuring matter. In case of the latter, you need to be either stricter with yourself Γ³r you need to change your budget.

Step 9: saving or investing? πŸ’°

Hardly any of the larger banks offer a decent interest rate on savings accounts, making more and more Dutch people consider whether to invest or not. This could offer the chance of a higher profit. However, it also increases the risk of losing your deposit. It is therefore of great importance to get good advice if you don’t know much about investing money.

Have you already got quite an amount available? You could invest in real estate. This might seem complicated, but you might be able to start sooner than you think. Vixx can help you with this.

Step 10: saving on your mortgage – benefit from low interest rates πŸ“‰πŸ‘

Quite often, your mortgage is your biggest financial burden on a monthly basis. Reducing your mortgage gives you the chance to spend more money on nicer things. Did you know there are a lot of different ways to organise this? The biggest savings can be made if you have had the same mortgage for quite some time, as interest rates kept going down in the past years. In 2010, you paid on an average 6% interest on the money you borrowed. In 2021, approximately 1%. By making use of this, you can save a considerable amount of money. Read more on saving on your mortgage

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