je eigen zaak op een stevig fundament,
Vixx regelt het.

Robin Urban has been appointed director of Vixx Franchise on the 10th March 2021. Together with Melvin Brouwer, general director, Urban will be responsible for the daily running of this franchise business in financial services.


Since 2019, Urban has been involved in Vixx, advising and assisting private individuals and entrepeneurs on all their (financial) affairs. The franchise organisation has professionalised considerably in recent years. Vixx has eight franchisees at present, and is a serious player in the financial services industry. Its vision and plans for the future are even bigger, a perfect match with the appointment of Urban as director and shareholder.


‘Make people excel’

“It is our mission at Vixx to empower people and make them excel, a philosophy I share,” shares Robin Urban. “We not only empower consumers and entrepeneurs, but also franchisees. We offer them the opportunity to run a business in an efficient manner, using our personal support, thereby enabling them to service more customers.”


‘Vixx is innovating and broad based’

Urban on his step towards Vixx Franchise: “My professional experiences have taken me to pretty much all franchise organisations within the financial services industry, and in my opinion, Vixx is truly innovative and broad based. The great thing is that not only can mortgage advisors join us, but also financial planners, business services and other disciplines, creating a complete platform of services for our customers. We already have a solid foundation, but there is still a lot of work to do. Which is a great challenge to take on. I didn’t need much time to think it through when Melvin asked me to join him.”


‘Financial ánd business services’

“A very dynamic and distinctive concept is already in place, enabling independent advisors to exploit all their dreams and qualities,” continues Urban. “Vixx is one of the few (financial) service providers who has a basis of a wide range of services to offer its customers. Especially compared to other concepts. The franchisee has the ability to unburden the customer. Vixx can handle all affairs for private individuals, entrepeneurs and businesses.”

Melvin Brouwer, general director at Vixx: “Vixx is an attractive label for both fianancial ánd business services. Appointing Robin as director Vixx Franchise is the next step in Vixx’ further development and growth.”



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