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Vixx Mortgage Check®

The Vixx Mortgage Check is the first step towards a new mortgage. An experienced mortgage advisor from Vixx will look at your wishes and will tell of the different possibilities. Ensuring you will get proper and decent mortgage advice.

I want a mortgage calculation

Nobody is identical.

So we don’t use standard calculation tools

Vixx does not believe in standard calculation tools. We believe everyone’s situation is unique, including his/her dreams and wishes. An experienced consultant can help you realise that the possibilities are endless. Most standard online calculation tools will calculate what “the system” allows. That is a starting point. They don’t think along with you and cannot come up with a solution for the challenges you might be facing.

The Vixx Mortgage Check®

The Vixx Mortgage Check provides you with made to measure advice. We start with calculating how much you can borrow from the bank, and we will then think along with you to find the right solution to make your wishes and challenges come truw. The check is free of charge and non-binding. No strings attached.

Happy with the outcome? Vixx will take care of your mortgage.

I want a mortgage calculation

No deals or contracts. Vixx will look for the best solution for you!

You get us on board to help you find the best solution and to find the bank which suits you best. Vixx focusses on chances, not on systems, and no challenge is too much for us. This approach helps us achieve more.

We are there for you, not for the bank. Vixx does not have any contracts with any banks. We compare 35+ banks to find the best terms and conditions. Vixx thinks along with you to make your dreams come true.

  • 35+ banks
  • a personal consultant
  • the best advice for your situation
  • you achieve more with Vixx


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