Getting divorced and owning a property
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The property you share(d) is a hot topic during a divorce. It is the place where you shared a life and maybe your children grew up there as well. However, the property also represent a significant financial amount which needs to be divided. How this is carried out, depends on your preferences.

Mortgage advice when going through a divorce

Owning a property raises a lot of questions when going through a divorce: do I have to move, how do we divide the value of the property and will I be able to apply for a mortgage (when I am single)?


A Vixx mediator understands the questions you are dealing with. We start with mapping out your wishes and preferences, and will make sure you gain insight in the financial possibilities as soon as possible. All on the basis of making sure you both have a nice place to live after the divorce, so you can start building a new life. Our divorce coaches do not operate on their own. Our mortgage advisors have a lot of knowledge and expertise on divorce and living requirements. This enables us to come up with customised solutions and as a result, more available options than thought of beforehand.

Selling the property first, or getting divorce first

As owning a property raises a lot of questions when going through a divorce, it is advisable to look at the different options before putting the house up for sale. We know from experience that getting a mortgage advisor involved early on in the divorce process is a wise decision. This ensures that any divorce agreements allign with the financial possibilities.


The bank also needs a divorce agreement to be able to transfer the mortgage to one of you or in order to close a new mortgage.

Dividing the value of the property

How to divide the property you own depends on the agreements made when you registered your partnership, got married or moved in together.

Staying in the property after the divorce

Would you like stay in the property after the divorce? You may have to buy out your (ex-)partner. This means you will be responsible for the future mortgage and you have to be able to pay part of the excess value of the property to your (ex-)partner.

More mortgage options after a divorce

You may have questions or are worried about the mortgage after your divorce. There are plenty of calculation tools from different banks online, however, this is not always the best course of action. A bank takes a more flexible approach in special circumstances, including in case of a divorce. This means there are more options than initially thought of. It is important to fill in the mortgage application form correctly. Our Vixx mortgage advisors are aware of all the applicable rules and regulations, and will be involved early on in the divorce process to inform you at an early stage of the different options avaialble. As a result, there are more options at Vixx than initially thought of.

Getting a Vixx mortgage advisor involved

You might already have a plan in place on what to do with the property after the divorce. Or maybe you want to sit down together and look at all the different options first. Whatever the situation is, getting a divorce coach from Vixx involved to gain insight is always a wise decision.


Our divorce coach will guide you through the divorce process and will make sure all loose ends are tied up. But a divorce coach at Vixx doesn’t operate individually. We employ different experts who can help you deal with all (financial) issues related to your divorce.

Have an expert carry out a mortgage calculation and find out what your options are.


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We understand you have lots of questions when going through a divorce. Have you got any questions on your living situation or any other divorce related issues? We are happy to help you by answering all your questions.


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The best support when going through a divorce

Vixx supports you in all emotional, legal and financial issues during and after the divorce.


At Vixx, we feel the importance of splitting up as amicable as possible, as you both want to move on after your divorce and feel confident about your financial future.


We therefore appoint an impartial mediator at Vixx Divorce Coaching, who will accompany you during the entire process. Besides mediation, Vixx also helps you organising all your financial and legal affairs.

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