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Often, people think a mediator only deals with divorces. However, conflicts  not only arise when you are splitting up. This blog from Patricia Boer, certified mediator at Vixx Groene Hart, gives some insight in what a mediator can do for you.


Unfortunately, you find yourself in a conflict situation. This can happen at work, in every day life but the decision to file for divorce can also lead to a conflict situation between you and your partner. Your truths don’t correspond, you no londer understand each other and listening to each other is becoming increasingly difficult.

To prevent (further) escalation, you can decide to contact a mediator. A mediator helps you solve the problem yourselves. To come to future-proof solutions. Mediation gives you the chance to terminate a relationship in an appropriate manner and create room for new beginnings, even if you don’t have to be in each other’s lives in the future.

A mediator is an impartial expert in mediation who supervises the communication process between you. It is important that you are willing to talk and listen to each other. A mediation process can only commence when you are both willing to participate. It is voluntary, however, it is not without any obligations as the problem you are dealing with needs to be resolved. Dragging your heels could happen once or twice, but don’t forget the objective is to move forward.


Everything you discuss with a mediator is confidential.

You have to feel the liberty to speak freely without any information being used against you at a later time. This could lead to some emotional situations, anger and disappointment during the process of mediation. The mediator is there to guide you through this.

Do you find yourself in a conflict situation but are you both willing to listen to each other again? To make an effort in finding a solution you both feel comfortable with, which will help you move towards a great future? Get in touch and I will tell you during a non-binding and free of charge meeting what mediation can do for you.

Patricia Boer
Divorce Coach and Mediator
Vixx Groene Hart

Patricia is an MfN and ADR certified mediator, she knows how to keep calm and how to move forward using a clear schedule.

Can I help you in any way? Please get in touch for some non-binding information or to schedule an appointment.

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