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After a divorce, you move on on your own but remain parents when you have children together. This leads to a new type of relationship. How best to handle this?

When getting divorced, you are no longer partners but will always remain parents to your children. And especially with younger children, there will be plenty to discuss in the years to come. However, you will also bump into each other as parents if the children are older or have moved out.

New school, puberty, choosing which college to attend, graduation ceremonies, getting married and maybe you’ll become grandparents one day. Wouldn’t it be great if you can share these moments together? Just like the fun you had when the children were much younger. Because even if you have come to realise that you no longer make a great couple, it should be possible to look back with love on the great memories you created together.

This is also something we focus on during a divorce process. Amongst other things, we also ask you what it is you used to like about each other. You followed your own path in the past years, thereby losing track of each other. Including the great things you shared with your partner. Because let’s be honest, these aspects are also important. The fact that you are no longer together, should not overshadow the great memories you have together.

It is of great importance for the children that their parents arrange for a happy divorce when they can no longer be happy together. A proper way of dealing with your ex-partner means you are also dealing with your children in the right manner.


A few tips which will help to ensure a good relationship


Don’t tell your children your ex-partner is to blame for the divorce. Children are protective and loyal to their parents and love both of them.


Make sure the children can speak freely about your ex-partner.


Always use your ex-partner’s name. Be respectful when talking about him/her, you are both important to the children.


Make sure you are always pleasant to each other in front of the children. This might be difficult at times but is of great importance!


As a mediator, I will guide you during this process when shifting from partners to parents. Don’t hesitate to give me a call for more information.

Patricia Boer
Divorce Coach and Mediator
Vixx Groene Hart

Patricia is an MfN and ADR certified mediator, she knows how to keep calm and how to move forward using a clear schedule.

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