A conflict,
ideally not...

The best conflicts are the ones who can get solved or, even better, could have been prevented from happening.

A conflict usually arises as expectations, stakes and preferences have not been dicussed properly. ‘I thought you would know what I meant!’ or ‘We have already been through this!’.

Unfortunately, a mediator is often consulted when the situation is already escalating. When there is no longer any sympathy for each other and you no longer listen to each other. Which is such a shame.

You can get a mediator involved to prevent a conflict from happening. The mediator will supervise the process, ensuring proper agreements are put into writing. This could be in a business or in a personal situation, including prenuptial agreements, cohabitation contracts and partnership agreements.

How to handle inheritances and endowments? What would you like to put in writing regarding the property which one of you owns? What are your thoughts on spousal maintenance, which is not a given in case of a cohabitation contract? Which settlement clause do you add and how is this executed? Would you like to put anything in writing on remuneration rights? How to deal with pension accrual? Lots of important subjects which need to be discussed upfront and put into writing.

A mediator can assist you during this process. To help you make certain decisions and to discuss complicated issues. The mediator can also get other Vixx consultants involved, to look at your mortgage, pension and financial planning. To ensure there won’t be any unpleasant surprises in case a conflict arises. Knowing that everything is taken care of and you can focus on a great future.



Patricia Boer
Divorce Coach and Mediator
Vixx Groene Hart

Patricia is an MfN and ADR certified mediator, she knows how to keep calm and how to move forward using a clear schedule.

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