Eva and Jelle are renovating without using their own money
vixx takes care of it.

Read how Eva and Jelle were able to renovate their house without using their own money, thanks to favourable market conditions and Vixx.

Mortgage update

Eva and Jelle, 34 and 36 years old, are living in Huizen with their two small children. They have been working from home since Covid-19. And you can probably imagine what it was like: they both have a busy job, the children were home all the time and there wasn’t much going on outdoors. So the house felt crowded and cramped. With the help of Vixx, they were able to upgrade their house. Read their story below.

More time at home
the house gets too small

Eva, Jelle and the children live in Huizen, where they bought their first property together five years ago. The family home was their first so-called ‘grown up house’. In the mean time, their lives, and therefore the usage of their house, have changed completely.

When they bought their house, they didn’t have any children. They both went to work five days a week and weren’t working from home. Their home was there to help them relax and to entertain guests. The house is in a great location, on the waterfront and near the park. They definitely didn’t want to move somewhere else.

The challenge
no money of their own, but they did want to renovate

Five years later, Eva and Jelle are both working from home and the children are also spending more time at home. Their home is no longer just a place to relax, but has also become a busy work place. Unfortunately, working from home doesn’t work while sitting at the kitchen table.

Something had to change, but as raising children is quite expensive, Eva and Jelle did not have a lot of money in their savings account to use for a renovation project and they did not want to move house.

Advice from Vixx
use the favourable market conditions

In 2016, Vixx arranged a mortgage for Eva and Jelle. We were asked to be of assistance again as they wanted to start a renovation project. In the recent years, the mortgage interest rates have decreased considerable and the value of properties has increased. You can use this to your advantage. Eva and Jelle were able to finance their renovation project without a massive increase of their monthly charges.

This is how it works. Due to the increase of the value of the property and to the mortgage payments, the mortgage risk premium became redundant. This has a considerable impact on their monthly charges. We were able to increase the mortgage and create room for a renovation project, without increasing their monthly charges.

The solution

more room in their lovely home

Eva and Jelle were able to build a beautiful extension. They created an extra bedroom on top of the extension, which they are using as a home office.

This gives them the chance to stay in their current home, just like they wanted, ensuring the property meets their needs and without an excessive increase of their monthly charges.

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As you have read, the possibilities are endless if you are making the most of the favourable market conditions. We would recommend asking an experienced consultant to look into your situation to decide the best course of action. Vixx knows exactly which possibilities there are and which solution is a perfect match for you. We are happy to help!

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Eva and Jelle are fictional characters. 
The situation described is a realistic scenario. 



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