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Despite mortgage relaxations implemented in recent years, obtaining a mortgage can still be quite difficult. Especially when your circumstances are out of the ordinary. For example, after a divorce or when you are self-employed. Both issues were applicable to Raoul van Heerden. Vixx consultant Barry Dijkstra made it possible for Raoul and his new partner to buy a property sooner than I initially thought. 


Raoul, 34 years old, lives in Haarlem with his daughter and his wife, Annegret. Thanks to Vixx, he was able to buy a new property after his divorce. Raoul is a succesful entrepeneur and is constantly looking to further develop himself and his business. As his (financial) affairs are now taken care of, he has the change to focus on further developing on a personal and on a business level. In this story, we will explain how we were able to achieve more than Raoul hoped for by looking beyond his initial question.


Looking ahead after a divorce

Raoul got divorced a few years ago. Luckily, the divorce was amicably, but they needed to deal with a few financial matters. He wanted to do this properly, so he would be able to look ahead with his new partner and to focus on his own business, without havong to worry about financial insecurities.

A complicated issue: buying out your ex and renting a property

Getting a mortgage when you are self-employed is a challenge on its own, but being recently divorced does not make it any easier. Raoul was under the impression he would not be able to buy a new property as he had to buyout his ex-wife.

He needed funding as his business was valued at a considerable amount. This makes things a lot more complicated when buying a property. A real challenge. Raoul came to Vixx to get a loan to buyout his ex-wife and with the intention of renting a property.

Vixx’ advice: adjust valuation to make a mortgage is possible

When Raoul came to Vixx, we didn’t immediately apply for the loan he was looking for. We took a proper look at his situation and found the underlying problem. We noticed his business was valued at an amount which was too high. After careful consultation with his ex-wife, we decided to downgrade the valuation.

As a result, Raoul had to pay less to buyout his ex-wife. He therefore didn’t have to take out a loan and was able to apply for a mortgage to buy a new property with his new partner!

After the business valuation and assistance during the buyout process, we have also been asked to arrange the mortgage for Raoul and Annegret’s new house.

The solution: a mortgage for a property in Haarlem

Together with Raoul, we looked beyond his initial request. This enabled him to buy a property in Haarlem. He told us that this solution and the financial peace and quiet he know has make a massive difference. Raoul is able to focus on his company again, and to fully enjoy his family.


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