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For better or worse. That was the plan. Unfortunately, it does not always work out that way. This does not only lead to emotional situations but also a lot of financial paperwork.

The property you share is an important aspect. As it is difficult enough emotionally, it is important to stay calm and deal with the financial matters rationally. You want to make it as easy as possible and make sure any children are affected as little as possible. A consultant can be useful.

Vixx can help you get through these difficult times and help you make the right decisions. We have stipulated the most important (financial) aspects on our ‘separation checklist’, an overview of what to think of when you are splitting up.


1. What has been put in writing

First of all, it is very important to have a clear picture of everything that has been agreed in the past. Maybe a lot of has already been put in writing. It is recommended to discuss such issues at the beginning of a new relationship and to put them on paper.


2. The current property

If you own a property together, you need to decide who wants to stay there and if this is feasible. You need to check your mortgage and whether one of you can afford to stay at the current property.


3. Capital gains

Often there will be property gains on the house. This means the value of the house is more than the value of your mortgage. This can be the case if you have paid off part of your mortgage, if the value of your porperty has increased or a combination of both. In most cases, the capital gain belongs to both of you.


4. A new home

If one of you decides to stay in the property you currently share, you will need to find accommodation for the other partner. It is important to get a clear picture of the different possibilities of buying a new home (mortgage) before making any decisions.


5. Assets

Like the capital gain on your property, everything you own together will probably need to be shared between you. Map this out and try to ensure proper arrangements are made.

6. Pension

Pensions often need to be divided as well. You are both entitled to this as the payments into the pension fund(s) have been made collectively. It is important to find out who paid which amount and what the different options are when dividing the pension fund.


7. Life insurances

You might have a life insurance policy. If so, you need to look into which insurances are in place and which fiscal regime is applicable. These insurance policies also need to be divided. Dus to the fiscalities, this is a complicated matter whereby the wrong decision can have unfortunate implications.


8. Arrangements for the children

Probably the most important aspect. If you have children, you want everything to be taken care of properly for them. If you are married, you are obliged by law to get certain aspects in writing before a judge can terminate your marriage. If this is the case, a parenting plan is part of the divorce procedures. You don’t want your children to get caught between two parents. Don’t ever give them the feeling that they are to blame, but do get them involved in the divorce proceedings. A difficult line where some help might be useful. For example, of a mediator who represents and advocates the interests of children.



Did you unexpectedly end up in a situation where you need help with any of the above? W deal with these issues regularly and are happy to help. We take you by the hand and will make sure you can focus on what really matters, because Vixx takes care of things. 

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