Did you know our MortgageUpdate offers a variety of options? The mortgage market has never been this economical for consumers before, so make the most of:

You can reduce your monthly charges or use the excess value on your property by using the Vixx MortgageUpdate.

Calculate within 1 minute if you can benefit

Calculate within 1 minute if you can use the excess value

  • Insight in the money you are saving
  • Non-binding
  • Within one minute
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Can I benefit from my excess value and low interest rate?

You probably can!

In the past three years, house prices in the Netherlands went up by 40% on average. As a result, there is a big chance there’ll be excess value on your property.


In 2010 the interest rate was 6%, these days it is often lower than 1.5%. Taking out a new mortgage means you could pay 75% less interest compared to 2010!


You can make the most of your excess value and the low interest rate by increasing or refinancing your mortgage.

Has your property increased in value?

Use the excess value to make considerable savings

Esméé bought an apartment in Amsterdam eight years ago at a fixed interest term of 20 years. She didn’t expect to be able to benefit from the low interest rate as she would have to pay a considerable penalty interest.


After talking to Vixx she realised it could be possible! Due to her property increasing in value and paying off part of her mortgage, there was a considerable excess value on her property.


Vixx ensured Esméé increased her mortgage to pay off the penalty interest. Her mortgage falls under a different risk class. She benefits from the lower interest rate and is using spread payments to pay off her fine. Money she would otherwise spend on the high interest rate of her existing mortgage.

Refinancing your mortgage

Renovating without a lot of savings in the bank?

Use the excess value to finance the renovation project

Myrthe and Pascal live in Huizen with their two childres. They’ve been working from home since the pandemic started two years ago. Spending more time at home in the past two years made them realise they could do with more space. But life with two children is expensive enough as it is, and they didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a renovation project or a bigger property.


The mortgage interest rate has decreased in the past years, but the value of proporties has increased. You can benefit from this. We were able to increase their mortgage and create a budget to renovate their existing property. Myrthe and Pascal used the budget to build a beautiful extension. They have a lot more space now, without increasing their monthly charges.

Renovation mortgage

Retire early?

Use the excess value on your property!

Harald and Emma wanted to retire early but continue living comfortably. They won’t receive their pension and National Old Age Pension until they are 67. How is it possible to retire when you’re only 63?


They were able to free up a nice amount of money by using part of the excess value on their property. Enough to carry them over until they are 67.


Vixx compared all offers and closed a mortgage at the most economical provider. Harald and Emma can take early retirement and continue travelling to see the world!

Excess value mortgage

No charges upfront
we start with gaining insight in the different options

We have your best interest at heart! We will sit down and look into the most economical solution available to you. Are you happy with the possible savings you can make and would you like Vixx to handle your new mortgage? This comes at a certain rate. The notary needs to be paid and Vixx charges a consultancy fee. These charges can often be included in your new mortgage and are tax deductable.


We will inform you of any possible charges before we get started, to avoid any surprises at a later stage.

Vixx is an independent advisor


Once we have established that you can save money, Vixx will search for the bank whose terms and conditions meet your personal requirements. We do this as an independent party. Your advisor will compare more than 35 banks to get you the best deal.

You are our main focus

In the past, consultants were paid by the bank. This is no longer the case. As a customer, you get us involved to provide you with advise. We are here for you, not for the bank.

6 steps to the best deal for you

Are you curious to find out if you can reduce your monthly charges by financing your mortgage? Fill in the calculator in and find out if you can save money on your mortgage. It takes less than a minute!

If the mortgage calculator indicates you can save money, just leave your details or schedule an appointment with one of our consultants. We will look into your current situation and discuss your wishes during a non-binding meeting. We will provide you with tailor-made advice, as every situation is unique!

This meeting can take place where and when you prefer: at one of our offices, at your home or online.

After your meeting with the mortgage advisor, we will start searching for your most ideal mortgage! Which mortgage suits you best depends on your preferences and the conditions set by different banks. There are a lot of different mortgages, and they all have different terms and conditions:
- Interest rates
- Types of mortgage (linear, annuity, savings etc.)
- Fixed interest rate term
- Repayment
- And a lot more!

After we have looked into this for you, our mortgage advisor will provide you with a proposal regarding refinacing your mortgage.

When you are happy with this advice, Vixx will apply for a new mortgage proposal from the bank which meets your requirements. This could be your existing bank, or a different, cheaper bank.

Once the proposal is approved, Vixx will get cracking! We stay in touch with the bank and make sure all communication and necessary paperwork is dealt with accordingly. All you have to do is hand in the documents, Vixx takes care of everything else.

After the new mortgage contract has been signed, this needs to be registered at the notary. The notary will ensure your new mortgage is registered at the Dutch Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency and your old mortgage is no longer valid.

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Are you curious to find out if you can reduce your monthly charges by financing your mortgage? Fill in the calculator in and find out if you can save money on your mortgage. It takes less than a minute!

Calculate within 1 minute if you can benefit

Calculate within 1 minute if you can use your excess value

  • Insight in the money you can save
  • Non-binding
  • Within one minute
MortgageUpdate Calculator


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