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Let Vixx refinance your mortgage and benefit from exceptionally low interest rates. Lower your monthly costs considerably or free up your capital gain. We will check free of charge if you can benefit from refinancing your mortgage.

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1. Low mortgage interest rate
lower monthly costs

You pay a certain amount into your mortgage on a montly basis. This amounts consists of mortgage and to pay off part of your mortgage (unless you have an interest-only mortgage, in which case you only pay interest). The percentage you pay in interest has been agreed with the bank when you applied for your mortgage.

At present, the interest rate is extremely low. It is very likely that the current interest rate is lower than the percentage you pay. When refinancing your mortgage, you can enter a new mortgage contract with the bank and benefit from the existing low interest rate. You could save up to hundreds of euros per month.

2. No charges upfront*
saving money straight away

When Vixx helps you refinance your mortgage, we charge a consultancy fee. This fee can be included in your new mortgage. These costs are tax deductable. This means you don’t have to pay anything upfront, but your monthly costs will be reduced with immediate effect. Quite often, you can reduce your monthly costs for free.

Before we get started, we show you exactly what the consultancy fee consists of so there won’t be any surprises.

*any possible charges depending on personal circumstances

3. Free up your capital gain
for a renovation or a financial gift

It is possible to free up capital gain to refinance your mortgage. For example for a renovation project, a financial gift or to buy a new car. This is how it works: when your interest rate decreases, your monthly costs will go down. You could keep your monthly costs the same and increase your mortgage. This will free up money immediately, without an increase of your monthly costs.

This is interesting when your house has partly been paid off, or when you can prove it has increased in value.

The possibilities are endless.

Vixx would like to help you and your personal challenge!

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your personal and independent consultant, so no package deals or contracts with financial providers 

Vixx is your independent mediator. You hire us to advice you on how to make the best choice. We are here for you, not for the bank. We therefore don’t have any contracts with financial providers, but will search within the market for the best solution for you.

  • 35+ financial providers
  • a personal consultant
  • the best advice for you
  • you will achieve more with the help of a consultant

all your financial affairs taken care of

Vixx takes care of all your (financial) affairs. We have the right knowledge to give you the best advice possible. Whether you work for an employer or are self employed, we can help you. An experienced consultant can do more for you opposed to when you start looking online. We know exactly what the different options are, so we can achieve more.

Questions on refinancing your mortgage

An experienced consultant who spends time looking into your personal circumstances, will be able to get the most out of your mortgage. We handle tens of mortgages on a monthly basis, and therefore have extensive knowledge on the various options. The mortgage market holds no secrets for us, enabling us to provide you with the best advice available. We compare mortgage suppliers, making sure you get the best deal.

Refinancing your mortgage might be interesting when your current interest rate is higher than the interest rate provided by mortgage lenders. Also, your long-term profit should be higher than the fine you pay to get out of your fixed-interest rate period. The sum of this fine depends on your personal situation.

The costs depend on your personal situation. The charges include a consultancy fee and possibly a fine for settlement of the fixed-interest rate period. It is possible to include this fine when financing your new mortgage. It is difficult to establish the exact costs without closely looking at your personal circumstances, please get in touch and we will provide you with an estimate free of charge.

Free of charge refinance check

Curious whether refinancing your mortgage is profitable for you? Leave your contact details and we will get in touch as soon as possible for a free of charge and non-binding refinance check. We will go through your mortgage details together to decide if refinancing is the right decision.

We know the market like no other. As a result, we can come up with solutions which help you further. Challenge us, we would love to help you out!

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curious if you can benefit from refinancing your mortgage? the first meeting is always free of charge and non-binding!

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