Vixx Service Membership

Our Vixx Service Membership gives you peace of mind – your mortgage is under control and our Vixxers are available to be of service!

✅ Vixx Mortgage Update
Real time calculation of your mortgage

✅ Your personal team of consultants
Access to Vixx professionals at all times

Online Vixx Magazine
News and lifestyle information on financial affairs

✅ Vixx Vault® & App
Digital tools for all your important documents and financial affairs

Vixx Service Membership

Why take out a Vixx Service Membership?

Money should help you do what makes you happy and shouldn’t be in the way. Which is exactly what we take care of with our Vixx Service Membership. Our 25+ Vixx professionals are always at your service and your financial affairs are taken care of by Vixx. Making sure you get the best deal out there.


In short, peace of mind and security as all your (financial) affairs are under control. Giving you the chance to do what makes you happy. 

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Vixx Mortgage Update

The world and your life are constantly changing. It is very likely your mortgage calculation is no longer up to date. As a Vixx Member, you can always get in touch with your consultant for a re-calculation of your mortgage.


Whether you are looking for a new home or enjoy where you are living at the moment, we are always available for a mortgage update. Making sure you always get the best deal!

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Your team of Vixx consultants

Always available to answer your questions on (financial) affairs

As a Vixx Member, our professional consultants are there for you at every important moment in your life! Are you ready for a new home, have you got any questions on your pension, on when your kids will be getting older or on (starting) your own business? Vixx takes care of it.


Any questions on insurancespensionsfinancial planningtax returns, getting divorced or anything else – just get in touch!

Can I buy another property?

What about our pension?

What if we split up?

Shall I finanlly start my own business?

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Online Vixx Magazine

The world (of financial affairs) is always in motion. Vixx is on top of all these developments and is always on the lookout for new opportunities. We keep our Vixx Members informed and share inspiration from our community via our exclusive online Vixx Magazine.

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Vixx Vault® and App


Our digital vault and app give you control, a clear overview and insight in all financial affairs taken care of by Vixx. It also gives you easy access to important documents such as your proof of identification and income details, all in a secure online environment. Very handy!



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