Writing a parenting plan
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You have decided to get divorced, however, this is not what the children wanted. A lot will change for them as well: they might have to move house, you will no longer be going on holiday together and they possibly have to attend a new school. Putting in writing what their lives will look like after the divorce will bring some peace and quiet. You will no longer be a couple after the divorce, but you will always be connected as you have children together.

Getting divorced when there are children involved

Children will obviously have lots of questions during a divorce process. At Vixx, we don’t only talk to the parents about their future plans but we also meet with the children and will ask them how they feel and what their preferences are. The children can speak freely during this meeting, they don’t have to take their parents’ feelings and emotions into account. We offer this meeting free of charge.

The meeting with the children is confidential, and everything is open for discussion. The children decide what we will and will not discuss with their parents. You, as parents, decide how to shape any agreements made between you two. We will take your personal circumstances into account. It is important for the children that the commitments made are being honoured in the long run, this will give them peace and quiet.

When to write a parenting plan

Are you getting divorced and are the children younger than 18 years old? You are then obliged to write a parenting plan. A parenting plan is used to put in writing all agreements made with regards to the children. It is also sensible to do this when the children are older than 18. They often still live at home, and you can’t just let them deal with any issues on their own.

What is included in a parenting plan?

You can either write a parenting plan yourself, or get a mediator involved. You should be able to fill in most of it yourself. Are there any aspects you are not sure of or would you like to have looked at by an expert? A divorce coach from Vixx will help you cross the t’s and dot the i’s.


The following aspects are always included in a parenting plan:


  • Who do the children stay with, and when
  • Birthdays, holidays and parties
  • Spending time with both sides of the family
  • Daily care and upbringing
  • Sharing costs

Organising all aspects of the divorce at Vixx

You will no longer be a couple after the divorce, but you will always stay connected because of the children. It is important to make clear rules and commitments to ensure the children know where they stand.


A Vixx divorce coach will help you with various aspects during the divorce, including writing a parenting plan. This is one of the many things which need to be taken care of during a divorce, and a lot of factors will have an impact on this. A divorce coach will guide you through the entire process and will make sure everything is running smoothly. We will make sure you won’t have to tell the same story over and over again, and the sooner the divorce is finalised, the bigger the chance you will be able to split up amicably.

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The best support when going through a divorce

Vixx supports you in all emotional, legal and financial issues during and after the divorce.


At Vixx, we feel the importance of splitting up as amicable as possible, as you both want to move on after your divorce and feel confident about your financial future.


We therefore appoint an impartial mediator at Vixx Divorce Coaching, who will accompany you during the entire process. Besides mediation, Vixx also helps you organising all your financial and legal affairs.

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