All your (financial) affairs under control?
vixx takes care of it.

The Vixx app helps you keep all your (financial) affairs under control. Our app will give insight on all your Vixx products and makes it easy to submit any documentation.

The Vixx App

Download te Vixx app by scanning the code below with your mobile phone or click on the icon in the App store.

Vixx app Apple



Vixx app Apple


Vixx app Apple

Logging in in the Vixx App

Everyone can download the Vixx App to gain insight in all our services and to download useful documents.


Would you like insight in your own file?

Your consultant will create a link to your file. This is necessary to protect your privacy and security. You then follow the next steps:


1. Open te app and go to Mijn Vixx.

2. Choose ‘my details’.

3. Choose ‘manual’.

4. Link your file number
(you will receive this via email once we have created the link)

5. Link your Vixx Digimap to your own login.*

*In order to make the most of the Vixx App, you need to log in via your Vixx Digimap, which needs to be activated first.



Download the whitepaper

*Bij het klikken op download ga je akkoord met onze privacy policy.